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PDF export & resizing ?, Exported PDF shows the part too small.
Hello T-Flex experts,

Exporting 3D PDF works fine, but if I open the PDF after, the part is shown too small.

There I always have to zoom a lot first to see the part " fullscreen".

Is there a possibility to export parts i.e to get a DIN A4 PDF page where the part fits exactly to this size when opening it with i.e. Adobe reader?

Regards Alex
Hello Alex,

I think it has to do with the setting of the view when you create the PDF. If the setting is "full screen" the initial opening also will be full screen.
This is how it works on my system, but maybe the real experts have some more suggestions?

Best regards, Marius
It works as described Marius.
You can use "Zoom All" option on "View" panel or set any view you want -  system remembers it while performing export to 3D PDF
Also you can change coordinate system - to have your model rotated in different way, for example
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