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New features
Dear Bert,

Sure, you can send a list of features, new functionality, proposals to current features etc. to
We will take it into consideration
In nearest time we run a customer technical preview of T-FLEX CAD 15 - our new version - a lot of changes in interface and some new features appeared
Routing, routing tool in t-flex
Herman Haandrkmnwrote:

I am new here but using T-flex for quite some time.

Now I would like to use the tool "Routing" to create some ducting.

Is there a place where I can learn about it? A manual or youtube?

Thanks for your respond.

Dear Herman,

Documentation and video-examples for Routing are under developing right now.
PDF export & resizing ?, Exported PDF shows the part too small.
It works as described Marius.
You can use "Zoom All" option on "View" panel or set any view you want -  system remembers it while performing export to 3D PDF
Also you can change coordinate system - to have your model rotated in different way, for example
Welcome, Welcome to the T-FLEX CAD general discussion group.
Fernando Resquínwrote:
Hello Alexey.

Thanks for your answer. To be more specific, my model has parts made of aluminum and painted red and gold. When
I insert the part as 3d fragment in a 3d assembly, it appears that the colors are ok, but the aluminum and the paints
doesn´t appear in the tree of the 3d assembly. There is only "Steel" in the "Materials" folder and all the 3d fragments
have only "Steel" associated.

Because of this, I don´t know if the software really is using the materials that I selected for each part. My final
objective is to run the dynamics test and calculate inertia matrix.

Please look at the files attached and compressed.


Please, do not pay much attention to steel material in this case - It just our error, that we are gonna to fix in new ver of T-FLEX CAD.
Also, you should understand, that our CAD supports multy-body 3D modeling inside 3D part file (do not mix up with 3D assembly) - so, in one document you can have several materials, that's why now we are looking for a solution to show these materials in Model tree of 3D Assembly - each fragment can consist of several bodies and as a result has several materials
Welcome, Welcome to the T-FLEX CAD general discussion group.
Fernando Resquínwrote:
Hello. Is this Forum active?

I'm using the student version for an University project. I have made some 3d models and 3d assemblies. The 3d
models includes different materials than "Steel". The problem is when I create 3d fragments in the assembies, I
couldn´t acheive that the program keep the original materials in the 3d models. The program use "Steel" as material
for all the fragments.

It is a limitation of the student version or I´m doing something wrong?

Thank a lot


Hello Fernando Resquín

When you insert 3D fragment to assembly material is taken from the file of 3d fragment and original material is of cause kept. No limitation
In properties of 3D fragment you can see such a dialog. If active "From source operation" - your material is taken from 3D fragment file
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