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Isometric Drawing of 3D view, input of x-y-z coordinates and angle manually or by paste & copy possible?
Hello Siegfried,

Welcome to the forum.

There are several ways to determine the orientation of a projection. For example you can select a face which will ensure the projection to be normal to that face.

But you also can save the momentary view.
Right click in the model window and select "properties"

Save your view:

After that you can load the view in the projection properties:

Well, I hope this will meet your task.
Please let me know if there are questions left.

sheet metal hopper
Hello Herman:

You can find the video at:

It is important that your lower and upper profile have an equal number of edges so that you can match them properly in the loft.

I hope this is about what you meant.

sheet metal hopper
Sure Herman,

Please send some rough dimensions and I will try to make a video for you.

PDF export & resizing ?, Exported PDF shows the part too small.
Hello Alex,

I think it has to do with the setting of the view when you create the PDF. If the setting is "full screen" the initial opening also will be full screen.
This is how it works on my system, but maybe the real experts have some more suggestions?

Best regards, Marius
Welcome, Welcome to the T-FLEX CAD general discussion group.
Hello Fernando,

To be absolutely sure about the material, you can "measure" the density, e.g. from the context menu.
Please have a look at the attached.

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