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T-FLEX CAD Student Edition

T-FLEX CAD Student Edition is a full version of T-FLEX Parametric CAD with few limitations, allowing students to use the product, understand its benefits and features, and prepare for their career of design engineers. T-FLEX CAD Student Edition makes learning faster and easier providing powerful, innovative, easy to learn and use design tools.

Special Terms

Although functionally is almost identical to the T-FLEX CAD software used by professionals in the workplace, the student edition contains features that make it unsuitable for commercial use.
IMPORTANT! You may not use T-FLEX CAD Student Edition for commercial purposes. When you download and install T-FLEX CAD Student Edition you have 30 days to register the product, for free! After that there is no time limit on its usage.
Technical support on the product is not provided.

System Requirements

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista®, 7, 8
Memory: 1GB or greater recommended

End User License Agreement | Limitations of T-FLEX CAD Student Edition

For other languages (Czech, German, Italian, Polish) please contact our territory partners.


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