Create Report / BOM

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Create Report / BOM

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You can create a report/BOM via command:


Textual menu



Tools >> Report/Bill of materials >>New…


The command is used to create report or a BOM for the current assembly drawing. There are two tabs in the dialog box of this command: Report/BOM List and BOM by Template. The latter corresponds to the legacy mechanism and is not recommended for usage.

Report Creation

You can create report or BOM table using template mechanism on Report/BOM List tab.

1.Select product structure for the report;

2.Select report generator from the list.

3.Set report parameters.

Parameters description can be found in “Product structure types” section.

4.Confirm creation using [Create] button.

You can also initiate new report creation  with the toolbar in the Product structure window using option clip0977 Create report based on product structure or from the context menu of the selected record. In the second case, you can’t change the report properties before its creation. They are just copied from the product structure properties.


BOM Creation

You can also create a BOM using obsolete prototypes mechanism on the BOM by template tab.

1.Select location type:

In new document

On new page

On existing page

Automatic snap flag is available only for On existing page type.

2.Select product structure for the BOM;

3.Select Prototype that will be used for BOM (The peview of the document will be shown in the preview window);

4.Confirm creation using [Create] button.

When you select the <new prototype> prototype, the BOM is created based on the “BOMStructure.mdb” database that contains only standard fields. I.e. you need to create all other parameters (column width, sorting rules, etc.) manually. It differs from the new prototype creation only in the fact that the specified parameters and properties of the BOM will be used only in the current document.

If you want to use this prototype for any other BOMs, you need to save it in the “…\Program\Template\BOM” folder.

Variants of BOM location are described in “Product Structure Types” section.

If there are BOMs created in previous versions of the BOM creator, the Convert old specification flag will appear. When it is set, the old BOM data will be converted according to the selected type.

If parameter Include in product structure was enabled for fragments in assembly drawing file and any data was set for the fragment drawings, the created BOM will contain an appropriate records number. If the conditions were not met, the BOM will be empty.

After the BOM creation, the editing mode is automatically activated (except for BOM on existing page). If BOM is empty, the following window appears:


Using this window, you can manually enter a new record to any section. You can decline it by pressing [Cancel] button.

It is recommended to set “Transparent” text editing parameter on Preferences tab in ST: Set document parameters command. It allows to enter edit mode after pressing on any record.