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Here you will find a detailed description of system commands, using the Content or Search window.

If you are just learning to work in T-FLEX CAD, we recommend that you pay attention to the items below.

New Functionality

Brief overview of the new features, capabilities and improvements of T-FLEX CAD 16 version.

Brief Introduction to Creation of a 2D Drawing

Detailed steps to create a drawing, an overview of the basic commands and fundamentals on drafting principles in T-FLEX CAD.

Brief Introduction to Creation of a 3D Model

Step by step description of the 3D models creation process; information on the basic 3D modeling commands.

Useful Links


Tutorial is helpful for those who make their first steps in using T-FLEX CAD and T-FLEX Analysis.

Download Documentation

Download user manuals on T-FLEX CAD and its add-on applications.

Manufacturers’ Libraries

Download T-FLEX CAD models from major suppliers of models:
TraceParts, PartSolutions, GrabCAD.

Image Gallery and Projects

Take a look at our gallery of projects, and you will better understand T-FLEX CAD wide possibilities.