Exploded View

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T-FLEX CAD provides a special command for exploding 3D models made of several operations (normally, this is an assembly 3D model). The exploding transformations can be defined in the parameters of any three-dimensional operation. The operations that require an LCS for creation, such as 3D fragments, 3D copies, etc., are positioned according to the transformations defining translations (offsets) and rotations with respect to the attachment LCS. Other operations can be transformed wrt world coordinates or the center of the outline box. This is defined in the transformation settings. More details on transformations are provided in the chapter "Transformation".


Command execution

The exploding mode is turned on and off by the command:



Tools → Animation → Exploded View


Textual Menu


Tools > Exploded View


The exploding mode is off by default.

After activation, the “Explode animation” toolbar appears.

More information about it can be found in section “Exploded view scenario”.

Calling the command transforms the current parameters that define positions of the operations. The parameters on the "Transformation" tab define the permanent transformations, as well as the exploding mode transformations. When the exploding mode is turned on, the transformations are applied that were defined for the exploding mode.

The exploding mode can be used when you need to create a 2D projection of the product assembly taken apart. All necessary settings are collected in the 2D projection parameters. More information can be found in the chapter "2D projections"