Top Systems offers the comprehensive set of integrated applications:


T-FLEX CAD is a full-function software system providing mechanical design professionals with the tools they need for today’s complex design challenges. It unites powerful parametric 3D modeling functionality with the parametric drafting and drawing production toolset.

T-FLEX Analysis offers a wide spectrum of specialized analysis tools to help engineers virtually test and analyze complicated parts and assemblies. It employs the finite element method for performing static, frequency, buckling, thermal, optimization, fatigue and other analysis.

T-FLEX Dynamics is a general-purpose motion simulation add-on application for studying the physics-based motion behavior of a CAD design without leaving the T-FLEX CAD environment. T-FLEX Dynamics is the virtual prototyping software for engineers and designers interested in understanding the performance of their assemblies. It lets you make sure your designs will work before you build them.

T-FLEX Electrical is a fully integrated add-on application for T-FLEX CAD which provides a wide range of tools for development of electrical systems: from construction of two-dimensional circuits to the placement of 3D models of electrical components, creation of wires, cables and connections, harnessing and generation of fully integrated report documents, which include both mechanical and electrical parts.

T-FLEX Nesting is an automatic nesting application integrated within T-FLEX CAD designed to nest the layouts of flat parts in such a way that the waste of material to be cut is minimal.

T-FLEX CAM is a fully integrated manufacturing add-on to T-FLEX CAD for generating NC programs as well as toolpath verification and machine simulation with material removal. It provides comprehensive machining tools for a broad spectrum of manufacturing sectors.

T-FLEX VR is and add-on for T-FLEX CAD that introduces virtual reality technologies in design process. The application allows you to explore the model in a virtual space and interact with it as if it is already a manufactured product, apply various design commands and perform advanced operations including animations and engineering analysis.

T-FLEX DOCs is a robust PDM/PLM software that stores, tracks and manages product and process information in a single logical database, creating links that allow easy access to improve enterprise-wide collaboration.

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