Wide spectrum of specialized tools for design,
analysis and calculation of gears.


T-FLEX Gears is a fully integrated add-on application for T-FLEX CAD that provides a wide range of tools for design, analysis and calculation of gears: from construction of two-dimensional schemes to the placement of 3D models of gears, creation of gearing or mechanisms based on multiple gearings, associatively linked 3D model and drawing, visual geometric analysis and geometric analysis according to the selected standard, perform calculations of strength, tolerances and measurement parameters for cylindrical , bevel and worm gears.

The application is distinguished by its maximum focus on simplifying the work of an engineer, "does not ask unnecessary questions", but offers possible options for solving the problem according to the specified parameters. It is possible to design a transmission and check its operability, based on the minimum input data, in no more than 5 minutes. For example, it is enough to indicate only the position of the drive and output shafts, as well as the required gear ratio.

A gearing model or drawing is created using a set of commands fully integrated into T-FLEX CAD both in terms of interface solutions and design functionality.

Key capabilities:

T-FLEX Gears


Bevel Gears

Types of gears, gearings and mechanisms available in T-FLEX Gears:

T-FLEX Gears

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