Contest Projects


Project Description

The author of the project, who is fond of rock music, noticed in the course of his research that many great musicians made their own electric guitars. Their musical instruments had an unusual appearance and had their own special sound. After that, the author had an idea - to create his own electric guitar, which would combine the qualities of several guitars.

The project is a model of blanks that will be made on a CNC machine (body and neck of an electric guitar). Some elements of the guitar (electronics, tuners, self-tapping screws, etc.) were not included in the accounting. They will already be ready, so the author has modeled them in less detail.

Functional capabilities of T-FLEX CAD used in design:

- Use of various types of T-FLEX CAD parameterization for the configuration of the workpiece

- Using the material library

- 3D Electric Guitar Assembly

This model is made in T-FLEX CAD 16 Student Edition.




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