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SRAV-01 Scout Robot All-terrain Vehicle

Project Description

The developed concept and design are completely copyright, and the development was carried out "from scratch".

A feature of creating the presented model is the organization of the design of the model according to the "top-down" principle, since it was impossible to determine in advance the dimensions and the relative position of the parts (there was not even a sketch of the future design), and therefore the application of the “bottom-up” approach to design would be extremely unjustified and would require a lot of time.

Before creating the assembly, a separate library was created to store the details of the future design. This, in turn, facilitated faster access to individual parts and subassemblies for insertion into the final, and also allowed for optimization of work on the project.

The project was created in the T-FLEX CAD 14 Student Edition.

 Scout Robot

 Scout Robot

 Scout Robot

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