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Tiger Ausf. E tank model in 1:16 scale

Project Description

The project is based on the Hachette Collection’s Tiger Tank partwork launched in 2011. Each issue of the partwork contained parts for assembling a Tiger Ausf. E tank model in 1:16 scale.

The author of the project has opened a blog where he shared drawings of parts from the partwork.

While working on the project he introduced changes to design based on photos and info from the web for more authentic representation of real combat vehicle. Pictures from the internet were inserted onto a workplane and then outlined for 3D profiles creation.

2D constructions and parametrical links between them were widely used for quickly changing geometry, fit parts in assembly and regenerate drawings.

Tracks are the set of two linear and six circular arrays.

The result of the project is the 3D model and detailed drawings of a late version of a Tiger tank (ger. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E) in 1:16 scale, created in the T-FLEX CAD ST.

Tiger Ausf. E tank

Tiger Ausf. E tank

Tiger Ausf. E tank

Tiger Ausf. E tank

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