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Multifunctional Cybernetic Prosthesis

Project Description

The multifunctional cybernetic transfemoral prosthesis is a mechatronic device with a control system created on the basis of an intellectual-synergetic concept, designed for social rehabilitation of disabled people with transfemoral amputation of activity groups M1-M4.

The main purpose of the development of the project is to create a low-budget high-tech domestic transfemoral prosthesis available for various groups of disabled people, characterized by the required level of stability in the support phase and an innovative motion control system that allows disabled people of all activity groups to carry out natural safe walking.

Thanks to the use of parameterization, it was possible to speed up the development process and achieve optimal parameters for certain nodes. For production tasks, drawings were created and models were imported for 3D printing. Also, during the construction process, the T-FLEX Analysis module was used to determine the main loads and deformations, photorealistic images and exploded view animation.



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