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Educational Institution: Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev

Project Description

The Rotator project stands out for its complexity. Contains CAD, CAM, CAE, drawings, product structure and is made in the T-FLEX CAD 16.

The output parameters of the design were taken as the initial data, namely:

1. Output torque - ~ 10,000 kg * cm!

2. The purpose of the device is screwing of screw piles and auger drilling;

3. Operating conditions - no special requirements.

One of the distinguishing features of the project is that the entire structure is fully calculated and is capable of carrying the declared load. The calculations were carried out using specialized software, since it was decided to shift this responsibility from the T-FLEX CAD to the third-party software. Except for this, all the rest of the work (3D modeling, animation, parametrization, photorealism, documentation design, etc.) was done only using T-FLEX CAD.

For the convenience of interacting with the parameters of the parts included in the assembly, it was decided to use the mechanism for borrowing variables by organizing a "hub of variables" in the form of a document that connects to the rest and to the main assembly. Thus, it is possible to change the entire structure by editing the parameters of one document.







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