Customer Cases

Trike with D6 Engine

Project Description

Functional capabilities of T-FLEX CAD used in design:

- When designing this model, the method was used both top-down (design of the frame, fasteners) and bottom-up (wheel assemblies, motor, fork).

- When creating most 3D profiles, variational parameterization was used to define the relationships between the elements of the profile.

- The wires / hoses were pulled through using external 3D nodes in the details. Subsequent construction of them based on the path along the 3D nodes. Thus, it became possible to see the behavior of the wires / hoses when turning the steering wheel or other elements, and you can also approximately calculate the required length of the hose / cable.

The project used several nested assemblies for the convenience of subsequent assembly. A large number of standard fasteners (screws, bolts, washers, nuts), bearings, cups were used. The engine is 3D printed. The author's project was made in the T-FLEX CAD 16.




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