Customer Cases

Wells Flaw Detector

Company: NPP Gers
Industry: Extractive industry

Project Description

Wells flaw detector and thickness measurer is used for geophysical studies of horizontal and highly deviated wells drilled for oil and gas. At the heart of the device is the gamma-gamma logging measurement of reflected radiation from rocks from an external source. The device provides simultaneous checks of cementing quality and technical condition of casing by means of various detectors.

During the design work the three-dimensional model of the device, assembly and detailed drawings as well as BOMs were developed. The created models and drawings helped to reveal difficult moments in the manufacturing process. When designing the centralizers, the drive gear has been checked on assemblability and on absence of protruding parts and interpenetration of parts into each other. T-FLEX CAD application used for design also helped to estimate the mass of the product at the design stage and to take steps to reduce it by changing the material and reduction of the overall dimensions.




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