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T-FLEX CAD Student Edition Download

System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, or Windows 8

End User License Agreement

Click on the links below to download the installation and documentation. Your browser will prompt to save the archive file. After the download completes, extract the archive and double click on the MSI file to start the installation wizard. Follow the prompts in the setup wizard to complete the installation

IMPORTANT: You must first complete the installation of T-FLEX Prerequisites 12 prior to installing T-FLEX CAD 12; otherwise your installation may fail or some components of T-FLEX CAD 12 will not function correctly! To install T-FLEX Prerequisites 12 extract the archive and run the setup to start the installation.

T-FLEX Tutorial requires T-FLEX CAD, which must be installed before you install the Tutorial.

T-FLEX CAD Student Edition Language File Size Direct Download
Build 12.0.65 English 355 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe | HTTP
Build 12.0.65 x64 English 379 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe | HTTP
T-FLEX Prerequisites 12 English 77 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe | HTTP
Tutorial English 419 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe | HTTP

Manuals File Size Direct Download
[Image] T-FLEX CAD User Manual. Fundamentals. 2D Design 16 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe
[Image] T-FLEX CAD User Manual. 3D Modeling 25 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe
[Image] T-FLEX Analysis User Manual 9 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe
[Image] T-FLEX Dynamics User Manual 2 MB
FTP USA  |  FTP Europe

Download the PDF document

Download the PowerPoint file
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