Customer Cases

Crawler Tractor Crawler Tractor

The project presents parametric model of the crawler tractor with improved traction and coupling characteristics, with high level of comfort working on it.

Plow Plow

The project is a parametric model of the plow that allows you to choose one of two options of the plow construction: with three or four hulls.

Tower Tower

The "Tower" project is a 3D assembly made with a high degree of detail. The assembly includes 2171 bodies.

Parametric Model of Multi-spindle Drilling Head Parametric Model of Multi-spindle Drilling Head

Multi-spindle drilling head is designed to machine holes of parts such as "flanges". The goal was to design 6- and 8-spindle drilling heads.

Technological Package of the Ship Modernization Technological Package of the Ship Modernization

The project provides technological package of tools for organizing the work to modernize the heavy aircraft cruiser into a full featured aircraft carrier.

Working Module for Drillers Working Module for Drillers

Station (module) of geological and technological research is designed for living and working for workers on the drilling wells. The walls and floor of the station (kung) are performed in several layers.

Pumping Unit Pumping Unit

Pumping unit is designed to control the working bodies (cylinders) of the test bench for steering rods of cars.

Wells Flaw Detector Wells Flaw Detector

Wells flaw detector and thickness measurer is used for geophysical studies of horizontal and highly deviated wells drilled for oil and gas.

Welding Machine Welding Machine

Welding machine was designed for welding P10 ... P100 tanks, pipes and flues.

Mold for the Transformer Housing Mold for the Transformer Housing

The result of the project presents injection molds for manufacturing electric transformer housing and electric decoy parts.