Contest Projects

Fuel Pump Fuel Pump

3D assembly of a fuel pump is presented at the competition.

 Formula 1 Bolide Model Formula 1 Bolide Model

Bolide model BMW Sauber was created by using educational version T-FLEX CAD 10. The model was implemented from photographs.

Automobile Peugeot Model Automobile Peugeot Model

The model of automobile Peugeot is created in approximate manner, from pictures of a journal. Besides a frame of an automobile, an engine and suspension are designed.

Automobile UAZ Model Automobile UAZ Model

A simplified model of the automobile UAZ (standard) was created in the scale 1:5, by approximate measurements of a real car dimensions. The design method "From Bottom to Top" was used. The model UAZ (tuning) was created on the basis of UAZ (standard).

Automatic Annotation of Graphics in T-FLEX CAD Automatic Annotation of Graphics in T-FLEX CAD

The fragment "Master of graphics annotation" allows the T-FLEX CAD user to quickly and easily annotate the graph constructed in Cartesian coordinate system. By using the "Master of graphics annotation", it is possible to significantly speed up the process of annotating the graphs. The user can just place the fragment on the drawing field, modify required parameters of the fragment and graph annotation will be completed at that.

Universal Tilter Universal Tilter

Universal tilter is intended for assembly and disassembly of engines of different sizes – large, medium, and small. The versatility of tilter reveals itself in the fact that only the right and left support brackets (individual for each type of engine) are replaced.

 Technological Process and Processing Site for Part "Shaft" Technological Process and Processing Site for Part "Shaft"

At the competition the diploma project on the topic "Design the site for mechanical processing of part, develop efficient technological process, evaluate economical efficiency of the design of the part "Shaft 25-15" was presented. The design of the real part "Shaft 25-15", used in the mechanism of back-blow in the plant FGUP PO "Barrikady", was implemented. Drawings of the part, blank, tools and accessories were performed in the program T-FLEX CAD 2D and T-FLEX CAD 3D.

Casting Mold Casting Mold

The internal database for every part of the assembly unit was created in the computer model. While designing the 3D model, the user can select the desired elements of the structure from the internal database.

GWater Pump GWater Pump

Water pump presented at competition is designed for cooling a ship engine with outboard water. Pump's frame belongs to the category of shell structures with a geometrically complicated space shape.

Generator of Toyota Carina Automobile Generator of Toyota Carina Automobile

In the framework of the project a detailed development of the automobile generator's structure was performed, 3D parametric models of parts and the component assemblage were created. Moreover, the technical documentation package was developed: assembly drawing, bill of materials, draft drawings of parts (selectively).